Celebrations, evolution and first impressions: Happy birthday MattDibrindisi.com

Today is a very special day.

Two years ago today, I launched this website… and as with every birthday, there’s plenty to celebrate, but plenty to look back on and reflect on as well… so here goes.

I started MattDibrindisi.com as a place for people to find my latest EPs and upcoming albums, but since then, it’s become much more than that.

Here’s what it looked like two years ago:


Not a pretty picture. Besides the black header (which wasn’t doing things any favors) and squashed images (that’s actually my prom picture. What was I thinking?), the most noticeable thing for me was that there was no immediate connection. Judging from my very large face and the tagline, this screamed “buy my stuff” more than anything else.

Over the past two years, a lot has changed on this site… sections come and go and get moved around, ideas change and extras are added every so often… but what’s going to change for the better is my approach and the purpose of everything I do.

As an artist and a creator, selling things shouldn’t be the endgame, at least not for me. We have the power to change the world and transform it into something beautiful. If websites and social media are someone’s first impression of you these days, I have to make that clear from the very beginning. This site may show off everything I am, but I’ve finally realized what I must use all of it for.

Let’s celebrate.